01 fletchers better burger menu

Most wanted: Bacon Cheeseburger double

100% fresh beef, Crispy Bacon & Irish Cheddar

04 fletchers better burger menu

Burger without fries? Try our fries Cajun Style

Irish Cheddar, Crispy Bacon & JALAPEÑOS

02 fletchers better burger menu

Vegetarian and crazy about burgers?

Veggie Falafel Burger with Hummus

09 fletchers better burger menu

Low carb? Our Highlight: Protein-Style burger

Your Burger served in lettuce

06 fletchers better burger menu

Cheeseburger Double extra Irish Cheddar

Menu with fries Cajun Style & softdrink

08 fletchers better burger menu

Cheeseburger Double & Sweetpotato Fries


05 fletchers better burger menu

Better Burger – no schischi, no schascha 

served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, honey mustard, Heinz Ketchup


Fletcher's Better Burger 


Better, because fresh from the butchers everyday.

Better, because we bake our bread ourselves.

Better, because fresh, fresher, Fletcher’s.

In order to preserve the juicy taste, only salt and pepper goes on our beef. No more and no less. We bake our burger buns fresh everyday. We certainly serve no food that has been frozen. The daily delivery of toppings, such as tomatoes, iceberg lettuces and onions, has to pass our freshness test. Only if the quality is right do they find a place on your plate. With our cheeseburger you can taste the original Irish cheddar – in one piece. We let the cheese melt with our meat. This way it tastes especially tasty. 

But what would a burger be like without chips? Although ours are tasty, you shouldn’t separate what belongs together. So from us to you: chips from fresh and happy potatoes, fried in cholesterol-free vegetable oil.